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Las round, Troy made the tough decision to join the military and move out of the house he shared with his wife, Pearl and daughter Celia. Celia became a teen and her Dad surprised her with a dog, Myth, for her birthday.

This round starts out at the barracks where Troy has been promoted to Flight Officer, meaning he no longer needs to live in the barracks.

He is still expected to live on base though, so he rents one of the apartments. Now they can live together as a family again.

It isn't long before Troy wants their little family to grow. He makes some phone calls to see what can be done about that.

They've adopted another child, Yvette.

Their union just got a little too exciting for Yvette.

Everyone is thrilled with the new addition.

Troy is climbing the ladder, he is now a Senior Officer.

Luckily he still has time for his family, especially now that they're all back together again.

Celia is still seeing Julian Wheeler, who is a few years older than her.

Celia: Did you know Julian's sister had a baby?
Pearl: Isn't she a lot younger than Julian?
Celia: Well, she's about my age, I think.
Pearl: She's quite young to be having kids. I hope her parents are supportive of her.

Celia: Well... I don't really think they are.
Pearl: That poor girl.

Celia is shocked to find out she is pregnant. After that conversation with her Mum, she isn't sure if she will be as accepting of her news as she was with Justina's.

It's a little hard to hide small bump now.

Celia decides its best to come right out with it, she is almost a young adult after all.

Luckily Troy is very understanding and loves Celia very much. He believes Julian is a good man, but he has one condition. They must get married before the baby is born, and they can't stay on the base with him and Pearl.

Celia invites Julian over to share the news. He agrees they should be married and promises to return with a ring.

The baby is coming sooner, rather than later, after all.

Being pregnant takes a lot of of the usually active Celia.

Pearl is just thrilled that she is going to be a grandmother, while she's still around.

Julian returns as promised, and they get married in private.
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