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Previously at the Chavarria household, Nelson was struggling with the heat. Briar became pregnant unexpectedly and baby Taya was born. Fern and Tansy were making friends with all the neigbhourhood children, Tansy became a teenager and Taya became a toddler.

I hope Briar and Nelson are done having kids now. Three girls are a handful.

Even more so now that Nelson is out of the picture. And they say lightning doesn't strike the same spot twice.

To make matters worse, Sasha, also passes away.

Not a good start to the week.

Things must carry on and Briar takes over the pet store for Nelson.

Tansy falls in love with Grayson Ambrose.

Meanwhile Briar is finding a new love of her own, Pirate McSkittles.

Really Pirate? You already have 3 girls each still living at home. Another baby is not a good idea right now.

Tansy: Ew Mom, get a room.

It seems pretty quick, but life is short and Pirate and Briar have both experienced the same kind of loss in their lives.

They waste no time getting married.

Rhett the headmaster comes over and the girls get into private school.


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