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Last round in the Ambrose house, Davin and Gage become pretty self-sufficient teenagers. Gryffon continued work at The Market grocery store. Gryffon and Ruby Gilmour got married and Ruby moved in. Their litter of pups grew up and were sold or released to the local shelter. Gage tried to find love with some help from his older brother, Davin.  Snickers the cat ran away, but was returned by the gypsy. Kallie had another litter of pups. Davin became an adult and moved out. Gage decided a makeover might make him more successful with the ladies and it worked. He is now dating Tansy Chavarria.

Gryffon and Ruby enjoy their time together as Ruby's days are numbered.

Unfortunately all of Kallie and Checker's pups grow up to look exactly like Kallie.

Time for Gage to grow up.

In a turn of events he has left Tansy for Akina Green.

Gage moves out leaving Gryffon and Ruby as empty nesters.

Snickers isn't having a good time with all the dogs around.

Ruby's last days were quiet but nice. She passes away peacefully.

Gryffon is now all alone with the animals.

He is determined to fill that void, even if it costs him.

The gypsy promises him only the best, but after several tries, he is losing hope.

Until he meets Heather.

They really hit it off and decide to live together. Heather is in the military so they will be living on the base next round.
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