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Last time, Reese decided he hated school and decided making money was more important. He got a job as a repairman's helper and eventually dropped out of school. Dani became a child. Gizmo the cat passed away. Grayson became a teen. Grayson, Nelly and Dani got into private school. Nelly dates a townie called Pamela while Grayson starts a relationship with Tansy Chaverria, Finally Reese grows up and decides to find a real job that will make him rich.

Reese moves out right away.

After the passing of Gizmo, the family has been dying for a new pet. Chelli adopts a puppy called Rascal.

Nelly is an idiot. Yeah, spending time in the sun will tank your motives like that.

Thor and Chelli are all loved up.

Grayson and Tansy, too.

Chelli: So uh, what do you think about having another kid? I think I'm pregnant.
Thor: Say what? *beams*

Rascal  grew up. Little did they know he was a hyena pup.

Chelli is still going to work, despite the bun in the oven.

Annie is still pissed about her death and Thor moving on.

She takes it out on Chelli, a lot.

Chelli ditched her dancing gig for a change of pace. She opens a salon called Shear Desire.

Baby brain must be messing with her skills.

Chelli has over done it and suffers a miscarriage.

Annie doesn't give Chelli a break.

Chelli isn't discouraged, she is happy in her relationship with Thor. Even if his dead wife is a total bitch.

Nelly grows up and then its off to college for her.
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