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Last week Soroya started a relationship with Maddox Taranis. Wylla passed away after a kitchen fire. Willard was busted again for attempted B&E. Soroya is inspired by her nerd of a boyfriend and finally gets down to her homework and improves her grades enough that all the girls got into private school. Soroya wished for money using their genie lamp so her Dad wouldn't have to work so hard. She also took up motherly role in the house by looking after her little sisters Dylan and Rayna.

It comes as a shock to Soroya when she discovers she's pregnant.

Pirate hears his daughter crying and comes to investigate. Soroya can't hide the new from her father, but he takes it surprisingly well.

It isn't ideal, but they've dealt with worse things in their life.

First day of private school!

Soroya breaks the news to her boyfriend, Maddox.

He apologizes to Pirate for being irresponsible, but promises he will look after Soroya and their baby.

There's a new thief in town and the McSkittles' residence is a popular house to hit.

Soroya is finding it hard to quell the excitement over her growing baby bump.

Dylan makes friends with Alice Stone.

Soroya takes good care of the girls.

Time for Dylan to grow up.

She gets to know some of the teens in town.

Soroya gives birth to a bouncing baby boy, Demetrius.

Pirate and Briar are enjoying their relationship.

Its time for them to move in together.

They need a house big enough for all the girls. Soroya, Dylan, Fern, Rayna and Taya and of course Demetrius, too!

Of course we can't forget Jazz the dog.

Its time for some birthdays, starting with Soroya becoming an adult.

And Fern becomes a teen.

Jazz sleeps through all the festivities.

Soroya feels like she needs to work off the baby fat.

Time for Soroya and Demetrius to move out. They'll be starting their own family with Maddox next round!

Having so many teens around is nice when it comes to taking care of the younger children.

Pirate can't wait for life to slow down a bit. But now they have a big mortgage to pay off.

And one more birthday this round brings Taya to childhood. Meaning everyone in the house is now out of diapers, phew!

And hopefully it will stay that way for a little while, right guys? ;)


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