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It had taken several months after their journey across the ocean to finally get settled. After living out of suitcases and crates the residents were finally happy to have homes they could call their own. Sure, they weren't exactly what they were used to, but the walls and roofs kept the rain off and most of the heat out. It was nice not having to worry about privacy and personal space anymore. Hopefully their lives could carry on as normal once again. Zayne has taken up the role of mayor of their little town - which has yet to be named. It is difficult to run a town due to his condition, but everyone agreed that he was the best sim for the job. Zayne insisted on building the smallest hut possible for himself and his wife Natalya, he wanted to make sure everyone else got what they needed. They chose a nice little spot right on the water to settle down.

First things first - christen the new place.

Then a quick bite to eat before bed.

The sun still burns Zayne through the windows of their little hut, but he can tolerate it for short period of time.

Arden decided he wanted to live with Zayne and Natalya too.

Life is pretty quiet around the hut while Zayne is sleeping. Natalya gets used to cooking for herself and spends a lot of time contemplating their new life.

She is always grateful when sims drop by for a visit. Erik is always stopping in to pass along his progress on his latest projects - getting water and electricity hooked up to all the homes.

Progress is very slow and Natalya is dying to take a proper shower again.

One of the reasons they chose this location for their house is the big Papaya tree on the beach. Liv is working on putting a garden in, but it will be several months before the harvest is ready.

With their opposite sleeping schedules, Zayne and Natalya try to make the best of their time together.

Thus far Zayne's mayoral duties have been pretty light. His job right now is to make sure everyone has what they need and to work on plans for the future. Luckily the other sims have agreed to take on some important tasks to improve the quality of life on the island. Liv has agreed to try growing produce for everyone, Erik is trying to come up with a system for running water and electricity and Ruby has agreed to make clothing and whatever else she can with her sewing machine.

Zayne engages in activities that allow him to plan for the future. Establishing a new community in the middle of nowhere will require some creativity.

Pearl hasn't quite figured out her place on the island. Natalya invites her in for lunch so they could discuss what skills she might like to develop. Unfortunately she left with no more clarity on the subject than when she had arrived.

So far Arden has been doing a stellar job of keeping away any wild animals.

"Hey boy, how are you doing? You're getting up there, huh? Who's a good boy?"

Natalya has noticed Arden getting a little stiffer in his joints. He spends a lot more time sleeping in the sun now too.

Erik popped by one night to inform Zayne of his progress and also to make a request.

"I was just wondering if anyone has found anything that may be of assistance with welding. I have some ideas for storing and running water, but I will need some way of holding some metal together."
"No one has turned up anything like that yet. I'll make sure to tell everyone to keep their eyes open though."
"Thanks Zayne. I guess I should get back to work!"

Erik is never away from his projects for too long.

Late one evening two wolves came roaming around their little hut. Poor Arden just isn't the watch dog he once was.

Luckily it seems these wolves had no ill intentions towards anyone.

Once the wolves were gone Arden curled up on the run inside the door. Nothing would get in past him tonight.

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